Call Center Services

Delivering exceptional customer experience!

Our call center professionals specialize in unlocking value by providing excellent service to your customers, while delivering desired business outcomes for your company. By building long term client relationships, and fully understanding your business needs, Helvey and Associates provides solutions that improve customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and increase profitability.

Customer Service Outsourcing

While attracting new customers is one battle, retaining your customers is an even more challenging feat. By establishing communication channels between you and your customers, you will gain opportunities to build relationships and increase your brand loyalty.

Helvey & Associates acknowledges the importance of quality customer service and customer retention strategies to the success of your business. We focus on enhancing your customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all communication channels. Our customer care experience spans virtually all industries and all applications.

Customer Service Outsourcing allows us to handle level one and level two customer service calls, including overflow and night / weekend calls for your customer service center.

Inbound / Outbound Calling Campaigns

Inbound/Outbound Calling Campaigns for Sales and Marketing Programs, Billing Follow Up, Customer Service Announcements, etc. We have a focused list of service offerings focused on inbound and outbound solutions, including:

  • List Cleaning - Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting - Product/Service Promotion
  • Mail Follow-Up - Soft Sales
  • Customer Loyalty - Customer Care Programs
  • Market Research - Subscription Renewal/Sales
  • Seminar Booking - Data Management Initiatives

Payment Portals

At Helvey & Associates we know half the battle is being where your patients need you to be. With our industry leading solutions in development and deployment of secure payment portals, including an Internet PIN Debit solution for processing HSA payments, we allow hospitals to be available to receive payments, set up payment plans, and resolve outstanding billing issues 24 hours a day. Today's world is a mobile world - our solutions allow your patients on the go the option of using smartphone technology, as well as tablets and PCs to contact the hospital for payment resolution.